And the winners are...

Thank you to everybody who sang, danced, and lip-synced our Plexus EDGE™ Summer Anthem! We can tell you had a great time, and it was great fun watching everybody release their inner Spike Jonze. Check out the EDGE Summer Anthem Music Video that mashes up our favorite moments!


Grand Prize Winner

Payton Kiley

Congratulations to our Grand Prize Winner Payton Kiley, for creating a video that captured both the spirit of EDGE and the essence of summer.


Runners Up

Derek Stull


Blake Krogull


Powered Up Winners

  • Alicia Janowicz
  • April Garrett
  • Baylee Tiffin
  • Beth Summers
  • Caitlin Sila
  • Caitlyn Brooks
  • Catherine Taylor
  • Cory Grinnell
  • Cynthia Perry
  • Darci Darlington
  • Datha Whitfield
  • Deb Garretson
  • Denise Morales
  • Erica Procter
  • Heather Meschefske
  • Holly Raph
  • Jenna Ducharme
  • Jennifer Lynne Nott
  • Jessica Ethridge
  • Jessica Stroven
  • Jon Taylor
  • Julie Alsobrook
  • Justine Wheeler
  • Kara Britt
  • Katie Tucker
  • Kelly Bielke
  • Kelly Mardavich
  • Krista Brady
  • Lauren Cloud
  • Linsday Hall
  • Logan Thibodeau
  • Marian Callahan
  • Melissa Honeycutt- Francis
  • Melissa Mcgaughey
  • Michelle Loge
  • Michelle Perry
  • Nicole Fredrickson
  • Philip Malina
  • Rachel Rickard
  • Regina Alsobrook
  • Rhoda Martin
  • Sandy Schuldheisz
  • Stacy Rosete
  • Tami Tyson
  • Tara Truax
  • Teri Jo Noble
  • Theresa Zucha
  • Traci Sanders
  • Tracy Timbo
  • Wendy Snyder

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The Awesome Prizes

GRAND PRIZE (1) - The person who submits the most creative, unique video as determined by our judges will win a trip for two to the MGM Grand Hotel in Las Vegas, Nevada! The trip includes round-trip coach class domestic airfare for two, two nights at the luxurious MGM Grand Hotel, round-trip ground transfer between the destination airport and the hotel, two show tickets and a food and beverage allowance. It's a Grand Prize worth approximately $2,100 USD!

$500 (2) - Two other submitters with awesome videos will each receive $500 cash.

POWERED UP PRIZE (50) - Fifty other lucky winners will receive a bottle of Plexus EDGE!

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Contest Has Ended

The EDGE Summer Anthem Contest has ended. Thank you to everyone who participated and congratulations to the winners! Make sure to check out the EDGE Summer Anthem Music Video that was compiled using our favorite entries.